What Does Sowwy Mean?

What is a better word for sorry?

regretful, remorseful, contrite, repentant, rueful, penitent, conscience-stricken, apologetic, abject, guilty, guilt-ridden, self-reproachful, bad, ashamed, shamefaced, sheepish, in sackcloth and ashes, afraid.

rare compunctious.



4’he looks a sorry sight’.

What can I say instead of I’m sorry?

All images courtesy of Forbes Councils members.Find A Way To Say ‘Thank You’ … Respond With Actions, Not Words. … Talk About What You’d Like To See Happen As A Resolution. … Apologize Without Using The Word ‘Sorry’ … Don’t Apologize For ‘Bothering’ People. … Practice Empathy Instead Of Giving A Sympathy ‘Sorry’More items…•

How do you spell sorry in a cute way?

6 Unique Ways to Say “Sorry” When You Make a MistakeMy Apologies. My apologies is another word for “I’m sorry.” It’s rather formal, so it’s fine for business contexts. … Pardon/Pardon Me/I Beg Your Pardon. Pardon is a verb which means to allow as a courtesy. … Excuse Me. … Mea Culpa. … Oops/Whoops. … My Bad.

What does pwease mean?

Simpering form of pleasePWEASE means “Simpering form of please”.

What does I wuv you mean?

I love you”wuv” is slang for “love” “I love you” = “I wuv you” Yes, hugz is the slang for hugs. “wuv” is slang for “love” “I love you” = “I wuv you” Yes, hugz is the slang for hugs.

What does GG mean sexually?

Game and Giving”Game and Giving.” In a sexual context or on dating sites, GG means “Game and Giving.” However, it is more commonly seen in the form GGG, meaning “Good, Giving, and Game” (i.e., a high quality, willing and selfless sexual partner).

How do you apologize a girl in text?

Short Apology Messages Perfect for TextsYou mean the world to me. Will you forgive me?I need you in my life. … I’m sorry. … Your tears are too precious to be wasted. … I miss that tender spot on your shoulder. … I’m sorry for being such a pain.Please forgive me for all of my annoying habits.I promise to be a better person.More items…•

What does SOWY mean in text?

sorry sorrysorry. sorry is used in Texting. The word sowy is used in Texting meaning sorry.

What does Soz m8 mean?

The Meaning of M8 M8 means “Mate” So now you know – M8 means “Mate” – don’t thank us. YW! What does M8 mean? M8 is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the M8 definition is given.

What does AFK mean in?

away from keyboardThe Meaning of Afk Afk means away from keyboard, a phrase that lets others know that you won’t be at your computer for a while. It’s commonly used with another abbreviation—brb (be right back)—to indicate that you’re taking a short break.

How does Soz mean sorry?

The slang term ‘soz’ is an abbreviated way of saying, sorry. Ironically, it takes a split second to place the z instead of rry in the word sorry. However, this slang term is the popular way of telling someone you are sorry for something you have done to them.