Quick Answer: What Does Culmination Mean?

What does the word culmination?


the final, highest, or decisive point.

the act of culminating.

astronomy the highest or lowest altitude attained by a heavenly body as it crosses the meridian.


What does culminating event mean?

(kʌlmɪneɪt ) Word forms: culminates, culminating, culminated. intransitive verb. If you say that an activity, process, or series of events culminates in or with a particular event, you mean that event happens at the end of it. They had an argument, which culminated in Tom getting drunk.

What does cumulation mean?

Cumulation is a mechanism that allows you to consider non-originating materials used or processing carried out in another country as originating in your country or carried out in your country.

What does extraneous mean?

introduced or coming from without; not belonging or proper to a thing; external; foreign: extraneous substances in our water. not pertinent; irrelevant: an extraneous remark; extraneous decoration.

What does culminated mean in English?

verb (used without object), cul·mi·nat·ed, cul·mi·nat·ing. to reach the highest point, summit, or highest development (usually followed by in). to end or arrive at a final stage (usually followed by in): The argument culminated in a fistfight.

How do you use culmination in a sentence?

Culmination sentence examplesThat’s the culmination of the thirty day trial. … The Lion, as the symbol of fire, L represented the culmination of the solar heat. … The 4th century marks the culmination of early Christian preaching. … It is the religious culmination of the book.More items…

Does culminate mean end?

The culmination is the end point or final stage of something you’ve been working toward or something that’s been building up. A culmination isn’t just the conclusion. …

What’s another word for culmination?

Some common synonyms of culmination are acme, apex, climax, peak, pinnacle, and summit.

Is cumulation a word?

A quantity accumulated: accumulation, aggregation, amassment, assemblage, collection, congeries, gathering, mass.

What is the closest word to culminates?

Culminate Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for culminate?climaxcloseconcludeendfinishwind upcrownend uppeakterminate34 more rows

What does apex stand for?

APEXAcronymDefinitionAPEXAccepted Practices Exchange (Convention Industry Council initiative)APEXAcademic and Professional Excellence (various schools)APEXAssociation of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (l’Association Professionelle des Cadres de la Fonction Publique du Canada)46 more rows