Quick Answer: Is There A B550 Motherboard?

Why is b550 so expensive?

Up until recently, the X570 chipset motherboards were the only PCIe 4.0 for Ryzen 3000 CPUs.

Most manufacturers offered affordable versions of X570 chipset boards.

This makes the high price attached to B550 a bit strange..

Is b550 future proof?

The B550 chipset will clearly be a more future-proof option than 4-series motherboards, especially considering it boasts PCIe 4.0. This new generation of the interconnect standard doubles the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0, from 8GTps to 16GTps.

Is x470 better than b450?

X470 and B450 are chipsets, and don’t specifically affect VRMs. However, X470 is the more expensive chipset that offers SLI support, while B450 does not, so it is likely that X470 motherboards will be more expensive and may have better VRM solutions because they are competing in a higher price bracket.

How much will a b550 motherboard cost?

There are RGB-infested motherboards as well as more discrete options. In regards to pricing, the accessible B550 models cost $114.99 with the high-end B550 models topping out at $299.99, which steps dangerously into X570 pricing territory.

Should I buy b450 or b550?

Although one might want to get the B450 if they find a very good deal and/or are planning on using the Picasso APUs. We highly recommend getting the B550 as the Renoir CPUs are just around the corner and also future-proof the system while availing great features such as PCIe 4.0.

When can I buy b550?

B550 motherboards will be available on June 16 staring at $100.

Are AsRock motherboards good?

AsRock does make good stuff. They don’t spend any excess money where they don’t need to on their hardware. If you buy MSI/Gigabyte/ASUS there’s usually a ton of free excess software and bonuses you get with their boards.

Which motherboard is b550?

Best B550 Motherboards for Ryzen 3000XT Zen 2 CPUs – Our RecommendationsAwardMotherboardBest Overall B550 Motherboard for Ryzen 3000XTASRock B550 Extreme4Best High-Performance B550 MotherboardGigabyte B550 Aorus MasterBest mATX B550 MotherboardAsus TUF Gaming B550M-Plus (Wi-Fi)2 more rows•Jun 25, 2020

Is b550 better than x570?

The B550 chipset will have some limitations compared to X570, but will ultimately allow for more budget-friendly boards for people with AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPUs. Like previous AMD 300-series chipsets, the B550 chipset is allegedly equipped with two USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) and six USB 2.0 ports.

Should I wait for b550 motherboard?

The main argument for waiting is probably they will support more than one fast ssd drive. B450 motherboards can have only one PCI 3.0 x4 M. 2 slot. So if you are considering 2 or more > 2000MB/s drives and want them to work at full speed, you need a xX70 chipset or wait for B550.

Why are motherboards so expensive now?

Rising costs for PC hardware is largely down to supply chain issues. … The cost to build a PC with good performance continues to fall as we get more for our money. Still, the current world situation and pandemic has led to substantial inflation of component pricing, notably motherboards and power supplies.

Is b450 still worth it?

Prices in my opinion, b450 are good cards and can nicely handle all ryzens some of then can even be used for a decent overclock. … The only difference b550 brings is 4th gen ryzen support (upgrading from 3rd to 4th gen would be a bad idea anyway) and faster pcie lanes (not a big deal if you are just gaming).

How long will b550 be supported?

You can officially use your X570 or B550 board with upcoming AMD Ryzen 4000 processors. When the AM4 platform was unveiled in 2016, AMD committed to support it with future processor launches until 2020.

Why is there a motherboard shortage?

A major reason for the shortages of lower end motherboards is due to bundling deals. MSI was offering A320 boards paired with the A8-9600 APU but has since canceled the promotion. Other vendors have followed suit in eliminating promotions while supply remains low.