Question: How Do You Say You In Argentina?

What do they call people from Argentina?

Argentines (also known as Argentinians or Argentineans; Spanish: argentinos; feminine argentinas) are people identified with the country of Argentina..

What does Mina mean in Argentina?

Generally speaking, mina means “woman”. Free image courtesy of Mina: When A Woman is as Precious as a Jewel. Both in Buenos Aires and in Montevideo, the term mina is traditionally used to refer to a beautiful and sexually attractive woman.

How do Puerto Ricans say miss you?

Say “te echo de menos.” This phrase is a common way to say “I miss you” in Spanish.

What time is dinner in Argentina?

4) Get used to eating dinner late like 9:30 pm or later, which is the normal dinner time for Argentines. If you aren’t able to adjust to it, that will significantly limit your restaurant options since most of them aren’t open until at least 8:30 pm.

What does Posta mean in Argentina?

the absolute truth“La posta” in Argentine slang means the absolute truth. La posta can also mean “for real” or “really.”

How do they say hello in Argentina?

Greetings in Argentina“Hola” – “Hi”“Buenos días” – “Good morning”“Buenas tardes” – “Good afternoon”“Buenas noches” – “Goodnight”

How do you say I miss you in Argentina?

Yo también te extraño. — I miss you too. It should be noted that in Argentina and some regions in South America, it is more common to use vos. Vos is used instead of tú to say the word “you.”

Is English spoken in Argentina?

English is not very widely spoken in Argentina – the official language is Spanish, followed by Italian with around 1.5 million speakers. English is way down the list, with some younger people under 40 being able to speak it, but overall proficiency is very low.

Why do Argentines say Che?

The casual visitor to Argentina might wonder, “Why do they keep saying Che Guevara’s name all the time?” The word che is ubiquitous in Argentina. It has three uses. … Second, it’s also used as the equivalent of mate, dude or buddy: it’s a generic word for a person or something to call someone when you forget their name.

How do you say excuse me in Argentina?

La cuenta por favor. Check please. Excuse me (may I pass?) Excuse me (sorry / didn’t hear you / can I have your attention?)

What does Wacho mean in Argentina?

Wacho or “guacho” pretty much means hispanic hoodrat, or more literally orphan. It comes from Quechua “wakcha” meaning poor or orphan.