Is 8.8 CGPA Good In Engineering?

Is 6.5 CGPA good in engineering?

Yes, it is good but 7 can be better.

It’s a least eligibility for some companies.

You can apply in IT giants like Infosys, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, TCS and various other.

I’ve 8.57 CGPA in 7 semesters, but got placed in an IT company with 3.15 lpa..

What is a good GPA in India?

US Grade Point Equivalent for Percentages and Grade Points Scored in Indian SchoolsIndian Percentage Grading SystemLetter GradesUS 4-point GPA System60-100A455-59%B+3.550-54%B343-49%C+2.52 more rows•Feb 12, 2019

How much CGPA is required for gate?

There is no minimum CGPA required to attempt GATE. But, if you qualify and apply for admission in masters program in any institute, then you must fulfill the CGPA/percentage criteria for that institute. As far as I can recall, it is not more than 60% or CGPA 6 in any IIT.

Is 7.5 CGPA good in engineering?

A GPA of 7.5 will get you shortlisted for almost all the companies. You will be allowed to appear for the written exam, in which you will have to perform good. The companies on the higher end may demand a GPA of 8.0, depending on the college and scenario. Thus, in my opinion 7.5 is a very good GPA.

Is 8.5 CGPA good in IIT?

Students of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) securing at least a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 8.5 in BTech will get direct admission to PhD programmes. … We will admit more students to the PhD programmes from next year,” an official source in IIT Delhi told DH.

Do students fail in IIT?

Delving into the matter, we realize that a student failing in IIT is not uncommon. One of the gravest causes of why students fail in IIT is that apparently a majority of students succeed in JEE Advanced entirely on account of their coaching institutes.

Does CGPA matter in engineering?

If you are someone from a core branch(like mechanical, chemical) and want to be placed in a good core company, then yes, CGPA does matter. You need a good CGPA to even sit in their interviews. … If you are a student with a low CGPA, you don’t even think about a core placement. You stand a little chance.

What is the grade for 8.2 CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average. It is the average of Grade Points obtained in 5 subjects excluding additional 6th subject as per Scheme of Studies….# Frequently Asked Questions.CGPAPercentage8.378.858. more rows

Can I get a job with 6.5 CGPA?

Of course you can get a job if your cgpa is below 6.5 . If you clear aptitude phase and your cgpa is qualifying company’s criteria then what matters is how you present yourself to the interviewer , how you try to sell your self for a corporate life. More convincing you are high package is assigned under your name.

How much CGPA is required for placement?

The minimum CGPA required for campus placement is 6 in most of the companies. The candidates should not have any current arrears. They should have scored at least 60% marks in Class X and XII. Some of the companies which offer higher salaries requires 8.5 or 9 CGPA for the campus placement.

How much CGPA is required for Google?

The eligibility criteria to sit in campus placement for above-mentioned companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and any other tech giants will be around 7 to 7.5 not more than that, in some IITs, these companies keep 6 CGPA as the cut-off.

Is 8.5 CGPA good in engineering?

Most of students got CGPA around 7.5 to 8 but when you score CGPA above 8 that CGPA is good. … Because CGPA is only way to express your academic skills but with the academic skills you must have to improve your communication skills and other skills so that you can get a good job after engineering.

What is considered a good CGPA in engineering?

A CGPA of 8.0 and above is considered good from company’s point of view. Most companies want to hire the top 10% to 15% students of the batch. So they set these requirements for CGPA greater than 8.0 . Since the CGPA is in your hands, you should make every effort to maintain it throughout your graduation.

Is 7.5 CGPA good for MS?

When it comes to academic profiles, we always recommend having a GPA of 7.5 – 8.0 and a GRE score of 315 – 320 in order to get accepted at the top universities for MS programs in science and technology.

Do marks matter in engineering?

No, for an engineer what matters his his/her ability to “engineer” things. Marks are but a crude indicator of that ability. Unfortunately, the way Indian exams are set, and take place, there are other ways to get marks, which means there will be a lot of false positives (good marks, but bad engineering skills).

Is 8.2 CGPA good in engineering?

A cgpa of 8.2 is good indeed. Most companies keep Their Placement eligibility criteria above 7.5 to above 8. Some huge companies( Google, Microsoft, etc) may keep it above 8.5 . … Moreover, once you are above the required Cgpa ,they only check for your knowledge and performance during interview and your CV overall.

Is 7.8 CGPA good in engineering?

If your CGPA is above 7, you will be given a fair chance to showcase your talent and your skills. So CGPA is just a eligibility criteria for the companies. Above 7 is a good CGPA. One need to struggle more to select in a good company.

How can I get CGPA 10 in engineering?

Something/9.5= x CGPA. For example, I have three subjects in which I obtained 70, 65, 65 and the max marks of each are 100. Therefore, in this case, the percentage is 6.94 * 10= 69.4%.